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1 wounded, 3 arrested when teenage gang targets homeowner with a gun (Georgia)

Three Atlanta area teens are in police custody and another is in the hospital after deciding to rob the wrong person in their apartment complex.

Police say at least one of the teens lives in the Laurel Hill apartment complex but did not know the target of the robbery attempt. Perhaps they should have picked a better "victim".

Police reports are scattered but it's clear the four teenagers broke into an apartment and attacked the resident. The gang of thugs expected a victim, not a "victim". The resident fought back and got to his handgun.

A single shot was fired into the abdomen of one of the attackers.

That send the entire group running from the house... and to a nearby apartment unit where they called 911 for medical attention.

At the same time, the resident was calling 911 to report the attack and that he had shot someone. Through sharp police work, detectives connected the two calls less than 2 minutes apart.

The three teens who escaped were taken placed under arrest, the wounded teen was taken to Atlanta Medical Center and then taken into custody.

Just remember folks, multiple intruders forcing entry to a residence never happens so you don't need more than 10 rounds to defend yourself. So says Bloomberg and his minions