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The Daily Kos is right about the new Georgia gun laws!

Yesterday there was a big stir in the gun community when hippie-liberal bastion The Daily Kos posted this article and included a picture showing a plethora of guns that are legal for carry anywhere in the state of Georgia. Gun rights websites, Youtube channels, and organizations quickly came out and said the article wasn't true.

Every single one of those pro-gun groups is full of crap in this case.

Every single gun in that picture and article is completely legal for sale and carry anywhere in Georgia. As a matter of fact, you don't even need to be 18 or pass a background check to purchase one of these death machines.

Even the pulse rifle and the dreaded NCM Pulse Assault Rifle - although harder to find - are quickly purchased without drama.

I should know. I've purchased dozens of these and similar weapons for my 8-year-old just this month.

Want more proof? Look at these exact weapons being carelessly brandished in public:

As you can see, these guns are in the hands of deranged madmen everywhere. These men and women pretend to be soldiers while dealing out death and destruction in almost every neighborhood in America.

#NotOneMore massacre of action figures featuring the realistic kung-fu grip!