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Defensive gun use or vigilante? What the media really thinks of gun owners (Virginia)

Early Saturday morning (July 19th), 25-year-old Christopher Nesbit saw a man's leg sticking out of his mother's car. Chris grabbed his handgun, confronted the thief - identified as Christopher Quick - and stopped a one man crime spree.

"I was just pulling into my driveway around 4:30 in the morning, when I saw a leg sticking out of my mom's car," Chris said. "I keep my handgun in the glove compartment, I processed what was happening, and I told him to get on the ground."

"When he was on the ground I called police, and officers were here within three minutes," Chris said. "The guy [Quick] asked if he could get up and if I would let him go."

When police arrived and took the suspect out of the car he left a revolver on the passenger seat and dropped an eight inch hunting knife on the ground. "He had a gun and a hunting knife, so I'm just glad no one was hurt," Chris's dad Anthony Nesbit said.

Anthony also found a bag in their yard and called officers over. "When officers opened it up, it was full of pocketbooks, wallets, coins and all kinds of stuff that he had stolen," he told reporters.

Police believe Quick may be involved with as many as 60 additional burglaries.

Sounds like a clear cut DGU where an armed citizen stopped an armed criminal and may have ended a one-man robbery spree.

What does the local media have to say? Let's let the URL for their news post speak for itself:

For anyone still wondering why defensive gun uses are rarely covered in the media, there's your answer. The people working at most news stations have a severe liberal bent to their beliefs - and the gun hatred that seems to go with that these days.

Does anyone here think Chris acted like a vigilante?