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(VIDEO) Mass shooting avoided when hospital gunman is shot by good guys with guns

A deranged man armed with two handguns entered a Salt Lake City, Utah hospital and told the security guard "someone is going to die today". What stopped the would be shooter? Good guys with guns.

Surveillance footage shows 34-year-old Jason James Burr stumbling into the Emergency Room. He reportedly asked the Emergency Room clerk "Were police in cars here?". When the clerk didn't respond to Burr's satisfaction he told her "I need to report a domestic, she is in the car outside."

Burr's strange actions caused the woman to call for hospital security. When the guards arrived, Burr pulled a silver 9mm handgun and chambered a round. He then pulled a .38 caliber Derringer style pistol.

As the call came out over the hospital for "Code Silver" - the active shooter call, the shooter's luck went from bad to worse. The hospital immediately went into lockdown and luck was on the side of good.

Two agents from the Department of Adult Probation & Parole happened to be in the emergency room with a prisoner for medical treatment. While the security guard and one of the agents tried to talk to Burr, Agent Clint Lund left through a back door and flanked around to confront the gunman.

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As agent Lund entered the ER waiting area, Burr turned to face him and raised his
gun. Lund then fired three quick rounds at Burr, dropping him to the ground. While on the ground, Burr still had both guns in his hands and was moving his hands so Lund fired one more round at Burr.

"At this point, Burr surrendered, dropped the guns, and asked Agent Lund to stop," according to the police report.

Burr was immediately taken to the ER for treatment. He was shot in the left arm, the right groin and the left side of the chest, according to the attorney’s office.

"According to the county attorney's office report Burr entered the ER waiting room and engaged in conduct that constituted a clear threat and extreme danger to the hospital personnel, the public at large and to Agent (Clint) Lund.

Another reminder that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.