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Concealed carriers take over pursuit, hold 5 criminals at gunpoint when officer gets hurt (Iowa)

Scott Eastwood was on his way to the hospital to see his newborn child Wednesday night (July 23rd) when he ended up aiding an injured police officer with a chase and holding 5 suspects at gunpoint.

Quite a change of plans.

Shortly after 7 Wednesday night deputies from the Linn County Sheriff's office received a call of shots fired in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Deputies caught up to the suspect vehicle and gave chase. That part of the chase ended when the car veered off the road, across a yard, and through a children's play house in the yard.

Like a clown car at the circus, five suspects exited the vehicle, dumped drugs and a gun into the yard, and fled on foot. Okay, clowns don't usually drop drugs and guns but you get the idea.

Scott and a neighbor, Tim Moore, saw the men flee and began chasing them alongside a single deputy. The deputy then stumbled and fell. That fall injured the deputy's shoulder and took him out of the chase.

The injured deputy told the neighbors that the suspects were likely still armed and dangerous.

Scott and Tim knew they had to help. They jumped into a truck and pursued the five fleeing suspects across the highway and down the road.

The two men cornered the suspects at a nearby home and Scott, a concealed carrier, drew his handgun and held the five men at gunpoint. When the first deputy arrived on scene he asked Scott to continue holding the men at gunpoint until additional units could respond.

The five men taken into custody are:
- 20 yr. old Kaven Willie Parks of Cedar Rapids
- 23 yr. old Aaron Michael Scott of Cedar Rapids
- 18 yr. old Marcus Dejohn Wallace of Cedar Rapids
- 27 yr. old Marcus Lamont Long of Cedar Rapids, and
- a 15 yr. old male juvenile.

Asked if they would do it all again in the same situation, both Tim and Scott said "Absolutely".