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Armed doctor likely to keep job despite hospital policy (Pennsylvania)

It looks like sanity has won over corporate policy for once. The armed doctor / hero is likely to keep his job.

When a psychiatric patient murdered a case worker inside his office, Lee Silverman, DO ducked behind his desk and took a grazing wound to his head before reaching his handgun and returning fire and striking the patient with three rounds to the chest. That gun was in direct violation of Mercy Health's corporate policies and the individual hospitals policies.

There was widespread curiosity as to whether he would lose his job for violating those policies. We routinely see store clerks fired after stopping an armed robbery so it was a logical concern.

Based on
this Facebook post, it doesn't seem that that's an issue for Dr. Silverman:

Dr. Silverman's actions have been described as heroic and having saved countless lives by none other than the Chief of Police and the District Attorney. We're excited to see a company not hiding behind corporate policy as a reason to punish a hero. Maybe other companies will grow a backbone as well.

We debated posting these pictures of the crime scene as they are somewhat disturbing but realizing exactly how close of an area this gunfight - with more than 10 rounds exchanged - took place in is a reminder of how important training can be.