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Store owner with gun stops teen robber with knife, locks him in bathroom (Missouri)

How many times do people need to hear 'never bring a knife to a gun fight'? One Missouri teen needed to hear it one more time.

I bet her never forgets it again.

It was 1:40 Friday morning (July 25th) when a 16-year-old Jefferson County teen entered a convenience store wielding a knife. The same store was robbed back on the 16th by a masked robber with a similar knife.

This time, the person behind the counter was more than just a clerk - he was the store owner. The two scuffled briefly before the clerk was able to get his gun out and fire a single shot.

That ended the teen's aggressiveness. The clerk locked the teen in the store bathroom and called police.

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment... locked in a gas station crapper waiting for police to take you to jail.

Do you think he called mom?