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Gunfight leaves 1 intruder dead, 2 on the run (Indiana)

Pro-tip: Don't rob the house where cars have Molon Labe emblems. Just saying.

Three armed intruders ran into an homeowner with a gun, 1 intruder was killed and the other two fled after a brief but intense gun battle.

It was just after 1p.m. yesterday (July 27th) when three men forced their way into an Indianapolis, Indiana home through a side door. The homeowner grabbed a handgun and encountered the three armed men.

The gunfight that ensued left one teenager dead and two men on the run.

"I heard about four or five shots," said one neighbor. "Unfortunately, that's not uncommon, so my first instinct was to lay on the floor. I got my phone and was about to call police."

But the neighbor says police were already on the scene by the time she started to call.

According to neighbors the home had been targeted several times and the homeowner had recently bought a dog for added security.

What other tip-offs can you think of that might tell burglars to avoid this house? NRA stickers are too obvious and easy.