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14-year-old defends mother, kills abusive boyfriend (Alabama)

A 14-year-old boy is being called a hero by some but treated as a criminal by prosecutors today after he shot and killed his mother's abusive boyfriend.

Last Tuesday (July 22nd) police were called to the woman's Locust Fork, Alabama home for a domestic violence complaint. There was a history of domestic violence at the address and the woman's 34-year-old boyfriend, Ayatollah Mohammad, had viciously attacked her.

Police arrived and place Mohammad under arrest and transported him to the Jefferson County.

According to Brett King, defense attorney for the 14-year-old, "There was a domestic incident that morning. The deceased was actually escorted off the property and actually taken to Jefferson County. And best we know right now is he actually walked on foot back the seven miles, was back in the house when he was discovered by the mother and the son. And soon there after he was shot."

"It could possibly be self-defense. We’ve just got to get all the pieces put together and look at it and see what we’ve got. But right now it’s just too early to say but we’re going to treat it as a homicide... until we get everything pieced together," said Blount County Sheriff’s Office Captain Pat Thomas

"It’s a classic stand your ground," says famed defense attorney Charles Salvagio. "The person that was killed did not have the right to be where he was. The person that shot him did have the right to be where he was. He was justified in using deadly force if he thought his mom was going to be inured."

Is there any reason this young man should even have needed a defense attorney?