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The douche came back to steal my jeep tonight... I don't think he expected me to have a gun (Georgia

Well, the douche came back to steal my jeep tonight....I don't think he expected me to have a gun. All is well, for the most part, but if anyone can help me out with a car or carseat I'd appreciate it. Mine has bullet holes all over it, a little bit of blood, and is being stored for evidence.

That's what one Columbus, Georgia woman named Diane posted on Facebook today after a second encounter with a burglar.

Thursday afternoon, the woman came home to find her house ransacked.

"I found things missing. They trashed the house, pulled out drawers," Diane said.
"They got in through the dog door."

It was cool once, now he's just being trendy: Man shoots own car to stop carjacker (Florida)

Among the items stolen was the spare key to her Jeep Wrangler. Terrified while trying to stay calm for her young daughter, Diane cleaned the house and kept her handgun close by in case the criminals came back.

Friday night, they did.

"I heard the back gate open. You can hear it pretty loudly in the house. And it alerted me. So I went off my balcony to check and I saw a man getting into my car."

Diane told the thief that she had a gun and ordered him to stop. He ignored her. She was not going to be victimized again.

"I grabbed my gun, ran downstairs and ran out the front door and met him as he was backing out. So, I started firing."

As the pictures show, she let loose into the Jeep, firing until the magazine was empty. The criminal jumped out the passenger seat and ran away. Blood was found on the interior but it is unknown if the thief was wounded from gunshots or flying glass / debris.

No charges have been filed in the case.