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Judge says carry is legal in DC, people carry (Washington DC)

In what certainly seems to be the first case of someone open carrying - legally - inside Washington D.C. in decades, we see all the panic and mayhem behind him.

From the people running and diving for cover in the background and the ongoing comments from gun control advocates about what happens when citizen's carry it is clear that carry rights in DC will lead to nothing but chaos such as this:

Oh, you don't see that in the picture? Neither do I. Just like in almost any part of the country, a man carrying a gun doesn't cause panic, doesn't cause chaos, hell... it doesn't even cause a minor disturbance.

Nobody ever notices.

The recent ruling in D.C. and the order from the police chief is a big first step for gun rights in the nation's capital. Let's see if we can keep things moving forward. Basically, let's keep CJ Grisham and Open Carry Texas away from the Washington.