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Butt-stroked at one house & shot at the next; Home invader has very bad day (Minnesota)

Have you ever butt stroked someone with a shotgun so hard that it broke the stock? Neither have I. But one Minnesota man did just that yesterday morning. And what did the home invader he hit do? He ran away and broke into another home!

That's right, one home invader broke into two homes and met an armed resident in both.

Around 5:20 in the morning Benjamin Beaudoin, 34, broke into a home near tiny Ray, MN. Hearing the disturbance, the homeowner grabbed his shotgun and confronted Beaudoin. The two fought briefly with the homeowner buttstroking the intruder repeatedly until the stock on the shotgun broke.

Beaten and bloodied, Beaudoin fled the house and did what anyone would do. He tried his luck again.

The beaten intruder drove just 8 miles before knocking on the home of 72-year-old Ethel Himes. After knocking on the door, he told Ethel that he had been attacked and assaulted and asked for her help. When the elderly woman opened the door Beaudoin threw her to the ground, choked her, and began beating her head into the floor.

Ethel's 48-year-old son Brad was home and came to investigate the commotion. When he saw Beaudoin attacking his mother he quickly ran to grab his handgun. Beaudoin followed and lunged at Brad forcing him to open fire.

The first deputy to arrive on the scene began first aid on the wounded intruder. Paramedics arrived and transported him to Rainy Lake Medical Center where he died.

Beaudoin had a history of mental illness believed to stem from a traumatic brain injury as a child. His family believes he was having a paranoid delusion when he entered the homes.

So for all those gun control nannies who say this never happens... it happened twice to one criminal within an hour.