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Open carry idiot flags woman and child at Sky Harbor Airport (Arizona)

What's the best way to stand up for gun rights? According to one Phoenix, Arizona asstard it's to carry your AR style rifle into one of the nation's busiest airports.

Peter Steinmetz, 54, is the Director of the neuroengineering program at the world renowned Barrow Neurological Institute and a good balance between idiot and jackass.

Steinmetz decided the best way for him to stand up for gun rights was to carry his AR-style rifle into Sky Harbor Airport and get a coffee. Look, I get it, open carry of all types is legal in Arizona so what's the big deal if he went to the airport with his rifle to pick up his friend, right?

Well, no. Steinmetz wasn't there to pick up a friend. He was there to be an asstard. According to the police report, Steinmetz just carried his rifle in and went to get a coffee with witnesses reporting him having a 'smug look on his face'.

That's right, the only reason this man entered the airport was to expand gun rights by looking like a jackass.

Of course, Steinmetz took it to another step when he let his muzzle fall and sweep a woman and her child nearby. Police took him into custody and charged him with a class 6 felony.

To anyone who feels this was a good open carry idea... please stop trying to expand my rights. Your methods suck.