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Robber's crime wave ends when he targets concealed carry IT worker (Kentucky)

Just last week residents in an trendy Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood came home to find notices on their doors letting them know there had been a recent string of burglaries in the area. That notice put several residents on edge.

Monday morning a robber, believed to be the suspect in the recent crime spree, finally picked the wrong victim - an IT worker at the University of Louisville dental school and concealed carrier.

Confronted by the armed robber, the IT worker drew his concealed handgun and a gunfight broke out leaving both mended wounded but mobile.

A neighbor said she heard at least eight gun shots and a person yelling he had been shot. That's when she heard a knock on the door. The concealed carrier had been hit in the leg with the bullet breaking bone. The neighbor and her family responded with towels to help stop the bleeding.

The robber fled the scene and was apprehended just a few blocks away and was taken to University of Louisville Hospital with non-life threatening injuries for treatment before being placed under arrest.