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Homeowner opens fire with 9mm after seeing criminal at mother's bedroom door (Idaho)

Twin Falls, Idaho police are asking for assistance in finding suspects from a July 17th defensive gun use. Officers responded to a call at 2:43 that morning of intruders inside a residence. While en route, another call went out of shots fired inside the home.

The homeowner woke to noises of somebody in the living room of his home. After grabbing his home defense gun, the homeowner opened his bedroom door and saw two intruders - one of whom was standing at his mother's bedroom door.

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As we've seen in several stories this month, you do not mess with mom. The homeowner opened fire with his 9mm and sent the intruders running. A blood trail followed them outside the house but ended at the street suggesting the men got into a vehicle and fled.

Police contacted local hospitals to be on the lookout for patients with gunshot wounds but none came forward. Now police are asking the public for help finding the two men. The description is of black males in white t-shirts and blue pants, one with a bandanna over his face.

The suspects left with more than just a gunshot wound; they made off with a tablet and several other items when they fled.