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It was cool once, now he's just being trendy: Man shoots own car to stop carjacker (Florida)

A cute blonde girl shoots up her own car trying to get a thief and all of a sudden it's trendy? I see how it is.

As we reported, last week a Georgia woman shot up her own car when burglars returned to steal if after stealing the key in a robbery the day before. The story went somewhat viral in part because of the woman's Facebook post:

Well, the douche came back to steal my jeep tonight....I don't think he expected me to have a gun. All is well, for the most part, but if anyone can help me out with a car or carseat I'd appreciate it. Mine has bullet holes all over it, a little bit of blood, and is being stored for evidence.

This time it was a Brandenton, Florida man who was parked in front of a CVS around 4:30 Wednesday morning. As he sat in his car the man was accosted by an armed carjacker. With a gun in his face, he gave up the car and started to walk away.

But this is Florida, home of more than 1 million concealed carry licenses, so the story didn't end their. The carjacked man drew his concealed handgun and began shooting at his own car in an attempt to hit the suspects.

Just like the Georgia incident, the criminal fled the car and escaped on foot.

Unlike the Georgia incident, there's no pithy Facebook post or phone-edited pics of the car shot up.