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How to Protect the Children: Father is wounded, kills intruder in gunfight to defend his son (Ohio)

An armed female intruder was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with a father protecting his son.

Police say Kristina Lynne Holskey, 39, broke into the Zanesville, Ohio home of Terry J. McConnell just after 3:30 yesterday morning (July 31st).

Terry was home with his young son when he was startled to the sound of the intruder inside his home. Terry armed himself and confronted the intruder. A gunfight broke out inside the home.

The downstairs neighbor heard gunshots and immediately called 911. When authorities arrived on scene Terry was on the floor with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. EMS arrived to transport him to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center.

The intruder was was also on the floor and bleeding profusely. She was transported to Genesis Good Samaritan hospital in Zanesville, and died at the hospital.

Holskey, an otherwise upstanding citizen I'm sure, has an extensive criminal record including charges of domestic violence, petty theft, menacing, and drug paraphernalia.

Terry's son was unharmed thanks to the actions of his father. He is currently with relatives while his father recuperates.

Are you listening Bloomberg? This is how you "protect the children"!