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Unarmed crook steals camper with armed Texan inside (Texas)

You know that scene in the movies where the guy is hanging on to a trailer and firing at the truck towing it? Yeah, that kind of happened in Texas this week.

James Brown, 75 and not the Godfather of Soul, was sleeping in a camper on his property due to several recent burglaries when he heard noises outside. Recognizing the noises as the sound of someone hooking up the camper to a truck, James grabbed two things - his handgun and his cell phone - and called 911. That's when the truck started moving.

As the crook started driving away, James started doing his best impression of an action movie star. He opened the door to the camper and hung his arm around the door to let off six shots into the cabin of the truck.

"I'm sure they got surprised too, not knowing I was inside," said James. Neither occupant was wounded but it's likely some underwear was stained.

James dropped his cellphone in the commotion but deputies already had enough information and were soon behind the truck and stolen camper. The crook then started swerving back and forth at over 100 miles per hour in what police believe was an attempt to throw James from the camper.

After a five minute chase the crook stopped and fled on foot, abandoning a female companion. Police took the woman into custody while the crook got away. Chasing him wasn't a high priority because police already know who he is - he dropped his ID as he fled.

James says he will continue sleeping in the camper until he sells his business. His wife of 56 years is not happy about that answer.