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Teens chase naked intruder from home at gunpoint (Alabama)

What is it about drugs that makes idiots strip naked and break into someone else's home? A pair of Muscle Shoals, Alabama brothers are the latest people to encounter one such person.

Kenneth Johnson, 45, entered the home through the garage door Thursday (July 31st). Johnson then stripped naked (get it... Johnson showed his johnson. HA!) and started walking through the house.

When Johnson and his johnson encountered a 15-year-old and his 17-year-old brother, things got interesting. The younger brother called 911 while the older brother grabbed his father's handgun and ran after the intruder.

That was enough to send the two Johnson's running out into the neighborhood, still naked.

The teen brothers locked the home and waited, still armed, for police to arrive. Police got to the scene and found Johnson still wandering the neighborhood. Yes, still naked. He resisted arrest (every officer's favorite kind of confrontation with a naked man), but was taken into custody and transported to jail.