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I'm coming Elizabeth! Elderly store clerk feigns illness, draws gun on robber (Virginia)

"He was going to kill me. I wasn’t trying to hit him in the leg or shoulder. I was hitting for the sweet spot basically," that's what 71-year-old store clerk Sammy Williams said about his encounter with an armed robber Monday (July 28th). "But my adrenaline is so high that my 6 rounds were all over the place."

The robber came in demanding money but it didn't seem real. Sammy told reporters, "I thought it was a prank. I said dude gotta be kidding, joking. I said no to opening the drawer".

That's when the robber started getting more aggressive.

"He started shaking the gun at me telling me to give him the other till which we don't keep there anymore because we got robbed at the same store on June 25th at 2:40 in the afternoon. So that`s why we had a weapon there. He got upset because there wasn't another till, so he said give me that green bag over there. I said, 'No that`s mine. It's got my medicine it. I'm an older person, that's my blood pressure medicine in it,'"says Sammy.

The robber delayed briefly and Sammy made his move.

"I got my gun. I hit the silent alarm. I exchanged fire. I didn`t realize I shot 6 times in less than 2 seconds," he told a local radio station. He wasn't sure if he'd even hit the robber.

The robber ran out the door and into the woods with Sammy close in pursuit but no longer firing after he left the store. "That`s the last thing I want is for anything to happen to our customers," Sammy said.

Already back to working normal shifts, Sammy said he will continue carrying his gun to work every day.