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My brother's keeper: Store owner kills rifle toting robber who also robbed brother's store (Connecti

An New Haven, Connecticut armed robber pressed his luck and came up with a whammy last night.

A robber armed with a rifle entered the Congress Mini Mart, demanded money from the store owner, and then fled when a crowd gathered. The store owner called police.

Police were taking their report at the Congress Mini Mart when the store owner received a phone call from his brother - who own's Nino's Mini Mart nearby. The owner's brother told him that he had just been attacked by a man armed with a rifle.

This time, the results were different. The owner of Nino's Mini Mart drew his own firearm and shot the robber in the chest.

The officers at the first scene immediately went to Nino's Mini Mart where they took the suspect into custody and had him transported to Yale Medical Center. The suspect died at the hospital.

Assistant Police Chief Archie Generoso said that there will be no charges filed against the store owner.

Congress Mini Mart is already back up and serving customers, Nino's is still a crime scene but should be open tomorrow.

Brother's keeper, Nino's... I had to do it: