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'My Parents Open Carry' - A Second Amendment friendly children's book

A little known pro gun children's book has received a massive bump in sales thanks to some mocking on the latest episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.

"My Parents Open Carry" was written by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, founders of the non-profit group Michigan Open Carry. The duo realized that all of the open carry materials available were targeted towards adults so they wrote the book.

Maher posted a slide of the book and said:
"New Rule: The illustrator of this children's book, My Parents Open Carry - has to tell me what the dad in this picture - Freddie Mercury, apparently -is doing with his hand."

"Also, if mom and dad are both safe because they're packing, why are they using their daughter as a human shield?"

Maher achieved his goal of getting a good laugh on his comedy show and I'm sure Jeffs and Nephew appreciate the bump in sales so it looks like a win-win all around.

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