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Man shot dead by police in Walmart 'after he picked up a toy gun'

A man shot dead by police in a U.S. supermarket may have been killed after picking up a toy gun, his relatives have claimed.

John Crawford was gunned down at a Walmart store in Beavercreek amid reports that he was waving a rifle at customers, including children.

But relatives of the 22-year-old have contacted civil rights organisations after claiming he was holding a toy gun in the toy section of the shop when the incident unfolded.

LeeCee Johnson, who has claimed to be the mother of Mr Crawford’s two children, said she was speaking to him on the telephone when police descended on the scene.

I truly hope that the security cameras were working better than the cameras at the CostCo in Las Vegas when West Point graduate Erik Scott was gunned down:

Advice to my fellow concealed carrying Americans:
1. Think about what you're going to do.
2. Do it.
3. Think about what you have just done.