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Woman shoots husband in the crotch with Ruger LCP while Skyping with daughter

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE - When you buy your wife a gun, make sure she understands gun safety.

A 54-year-old man learned this the hard way after buying his wife a .38 caliber Ruger LCR with Crimson Trace grip over the weekend.

While Skyping with their daughter just after midnight Wednesday, the wife began to show off the gun and all of its features. At one point during the conversation, the woman pulled the trigger and the gun discharged.

Luckily, the couple already has children because the round struck the man in the crotch. As police and EMS arrived on the scene they found the man in the driveway applying pressure to the wounded area.

He was transported to Holston Valley Medical Center. There is no update on the status of the man... or his crotch. I'd like to point out that, even at 54 years of age, this woman killed millions of potential people with a single shot.

More importantly, this is what I thought of when I read the story and I knew you guys would appreciate it.