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14-year-old menace shot, killed in gun battle with armed citizen (Florida)

LAKELAND, FLORIDA - Armed robbery, attempted murder, battery on a public school official, burglary, home invasion and, as of Wednesday night, assault with a deadly weapon and another attempted murder. That's what a 14-year-old Lakeland boy has been connected to, with crimes dating back to when he was just 12 years old.

I'm sure he was a good kid at heart though, right?

So what's to be done about this public menace? Nothing now. He finally picked the wrong victim - a 43-year-old concealed carrier named Virgis Canteen.

On July 28th, Virgis's home was robbed and he believed that 14-year-old Davion Smith, known on the streets as "Day Day" was responsible. The homeowner confronted Smith the next day and Smith blew him off. Around 7:45 Wednesday night (August 6th), Smith and a pair of friends confronted the Virgis and began taunting him about the robbery.

The 5'8", 130 pound teenager then drew a handgun and threatened Virgis. Seeing the gun, Virgis drew his concealed handgun. Smith opened fire and struck him in the upper extremities several times.

When Virgis returned fire, he struck Smith in the chest "numerous times" according to Lakeland police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross.

Both were transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center. Virgis is in stable condition, while Smith was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Smith was known to be a member of a local gang that is unaffiliated with any larger regional or national gangs. Police officials declined to name the gang.

A wanted poster from the Polk County Sheriff's Office for Davion Smith in relation to an armed robbery and attempted murder back in 2012