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Thugs ask if man is carrying, play knockout game when he says no (Florida)

NEPTUNE BEACH, FLORIDA - It looks like some thugs are learning about concealed carry.

While walking alone along the beach on the Thursday night (July 31st), a man was confronted by a group of four teenage thugs. In a moment of apparent caution, one of the teens asked the man if had a Glock (Glock being what all the cool kids say for any and all handguns apparently).

When the man said he did not, the knockout game began. The teenage thug punched him in the face and then continued attacking. Fearing he could be knocked unconscious, the man pulled his folding knife from his waist and scared the thugs away by pretending he had a gun in his hand.

It looks like the knockout game is alive and well but the participants have learned they don't want to find out their "victim" is a concealed carrier. Of couse, if you're so caught up in your phone that you don't notice a group of thugs approaching or a thug asking you if you have a gun doesn't set off alarm bells in your head... you're probably screwed anyway.

A thug asking if you are armed, please remember this scene from Ghostbusters: