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Intruder's bad day: testicles grabbed, choked, hit with hammer, & held at shotgun point (Georgia)

ENIGMA, GEORGIA - Head butted, testicles wrenched, choked, hit with a hammer, and then looking down the barrel of a shotgun. That's what happened to one home invader when a 19-year-old woman gave hime a lesson in the will to fight.

Kayla Walker was home alone with her 10-month-old son when she heard noise at the back door. As Kayla went to check the door it suddenly swung open. She was face to face with a pair of men trying to enter her home.

"By the time I got in here, they was coming in and I was pushing them back out as hard as I could," she said.

As she pushed the first man, a second man forced both of them to the floor. The second invader straddled Kayla and began punching her in the face, calling her a "stupid white bitch". Kayla began to fight back.

"I head-butted him, then grabbed his privates and I reached up an started choking him," she recalled.

Kayla didn't stop choking the invader until she thought he was unconscious. He wasn't out cold and immediately started attacking her again. Kayla kept fighting back. She grabbed a hammer and began repeatedly striking the man in the head and ribs.

Seeing an opportunity, Kayla got to her feet, grabbed her son, and ran to the bedroom. The beaten invader followed Kayla to the room.

And found himself looking down the barrel of Kayla's 12 gauge shotgun. It didn't deter him and the invader tried to scare Kayla away.

"He said, 'This is my new house. I'm here to stay.' I said, 'Not at this residence.' I put the gun to his face and the gun clicked and he ran," she said.

Police arrived and followed the blood trail to bring one suspect into custody. Kayla indentified him out of a police lineup.

Kayla has since installed a deadbolt and additional security devices.