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Rioters haven't hit this store in St. Louis... I wonder why

FERGUSON, MISSOURI - So far 32 people have been arrested and 2 officers have been injured in riots thatbroke out in this small St. Louis suburb. What started as a protest against the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in a police encounter quickly devolved into crowds chanting "Kill the cops".

As the night went on the chants became acts and acts of vandalism and looting started. A plethora of businesses were vandalized, robbed, and in some cases, destroyed.

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But the folks at St. Louis Ink and Country Guns, located in a strip mall less than a mile from the epicenter of the riots, don't seem to have a problem. When the crisis broke out Mike Gutierrez knew he had to protect his tattoo shop. He brought a crew with him, including Adam Weinstein, owner of County Guns, who was concerned about criminals getting their hands on his merchandise.

"We didn't want them coming in here and then running around with a bunch of free guns," Weinstein told reporters. Weinstein was outfitted with an assault rifle, pistol and tactical vest. Gutierrez cradled his own rifle in his hands and wore a vest that looks cartoonishly small on a man of his size.

When the men arrived they found crowds already tearing through the Dollar General store in the same strip mall. When the rioters started to approach, the sight of men armed the rifles and body armor sent them running the other way.

So why is it that anti-gunners don't want us to have rifles and body armor again? I mean, nobody ever uses that stuff to defend themselves or their property right?