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What's missing from gun shows? Texas says booze!

How many times have you been at a gun show and thought "this crowd could use a good buzz?" If you're like me, that thoughts happened... never.

But, thanks to a request from a Texas gun club, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is proposing rules to allow alcohol at gun shows. Announced Friday, the proposal now faces a 30 day public comment period before any new policy could be implemented.

The gun show that requested the new rule has not been identified and local media has not been able to ascertain the name of that club. Promoters of two Dallas area gun shows this weekend oppose the measure saying 'nobody is interested in selling alcohol at shows'

The promoters said the added costs in liability insurance and security outweigh any benefit... and that they couldn't see any benefits.

The proposal also would require that firearms being shown for sale be disabled and not readily convertible for use. Any guns purchased at the show would have to be picked up from the seller after the show ended for the weekend.

"Does that make any sense? Who would buy a gun at a gun show where you couldn’t take possession of it?," said Alice Tripp, the legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association.

So who thinks gun shows and alcohol are a good combination?