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Mass shooting avoided? Store clerk shoots, kills armed robber who returned (New Mexico)

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - An armed robber couldn't get enough when he entered Oasis Smoke Shop and Hookah Lounge Sunday afternoon. The robber first struck around 1p.m. and the store employees complied with his demands.

"I'm really proud of my team, I'm proud of my guys, I'm proud of how they handled the situation. They listened to this individual, they did everything he wanted them to do and even then, it wasn't enough," said store owner Kane Oueis

Yet just moments after leaving, the robber came back.

"His intentions were not just to take the money. I am not sure why he came back, we are not sure why he came back, he came back, from the looks of it, extremely, extremely angry just looking to hurt people. He came in to hurt whoever was in that store at that moment," Kane said.

With the robbers more aggressive demeanor and actions, one store employee decided he had to act. The store had been robbed just 2 months ago and Kane had talked about arming all of the store managers, but none of the managers had a gun.

"We did not have a gun in there, one of our employees did and it wasn't on him at the moment. It was actually hidden in his backpack. He actually had to reach out for that to protect himself," he said.

The employee drew his handgun from the backpack and engaged the robber, mortally wounding him in the process.

When police arrived to the call of the robber's initial armed robbery they found the suspect dead inside the store. Police say it appears to be a clear cut case of self defense.

Nearby business owners are shaken up today and may be adding themselves to the ranks of companies that allow employees to carry at work.

"That could have been us. It definitely makes you think. It makes you think about your safety, your employees' safety and making the right decisions to protect yourself... We have full security system, we have full surveillance 24/7, high resolution images, things like that but, that doesn't necessarily protect you right there in that moment," said one shop owner who asked to remain anonymous.