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Pro Gun Politicians 3, Bloomberg 0: Sheriff David Clarke wins primary despite anti-gun attack ads

It's official. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a dick. Oh, sorry, wrong article but I'll leave it here because it works anyway. What is also official is that incumbent Milwaukee County Sheriff has won the primary runoff against Bloomberg's favorite candidate Chris Moews.

In the past few days, Bloomberg has dumped over $150,000 into ad buys through his anti-gun PAC (Independence USA) to try and defeat Sheriff Clarke. Of course, this is the same thing Bloomberg did when trying to protect Colorado State Senators Morse and Giron from the 2013 recall election. He lost those races too.

So Bloomberg is now 0-3 in elections. If he was a football coach there would already be a site called with 50K Facebook fans. Instead, he's a billionaire who liberal politicians chase for money... even if his track record isn't looking so good for their side.

Sheriff Clarke said, "I trust the voters. The voters can’t be bought."

Tonight's election results seem to prove the point. Let's hope Mayor Mikey keeps throwing money at elections - that seems to be the best way to get pro-gun candidates elected!