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WHY I'M ARMED - Shocking home invasion caught on camera (VIDEO)

PLUM BOROUGH, PENNSYLVANIA - A shocking home invasion caught on a newly installed security system is a stark reminder of just how quickly this attacks can happen.

It was a quiet Sunday night when the homeowner unexpectedly heard the door open.

"I looked and there was a guy," she said. "He had a mask on and a gun pointed to me, and I was in shock and just stood there. I don’t know why, but I got up and turned toward the back of my house and tried to go downstairs."

One of the invaders quickly grabbed the woman and forced her upstairs, eventually corralling her into a room with her son and his girlfriend.

"I kept hovering over my son’s girlfriend. Getting ready to jump out in front of my son and I kept trying to look up cause I thought, I’m going to die, and I just want to save my son and his girlfriend. They wanted money. I told them to take whatever they wanted."

The invaders pistol whipped the son before fleeing with a laptop and some cash.

This attack is a startling reminder of just how quickly a quiet Sunday night can turn into a life or death encounter with armed invaders. How do you prepare for this type of situation? Have you talked over this scenario with your family so they know how to respond as well?