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Homeowner kills man who stabbed his girlfriend 15 times and crashed into house.(Nevada)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not when some guy goes crazy and starts ramming cars, stabbing people, stabbing himself, and then gets killed by an armed homeowner. Even Vegas can't keep that quiet. Around 5p.m. Monday a custody battle erupted between a man and his girlfriend. Somehow that custody battle lead to a man crashing his car into his girlfriends car, stabbing her between 13 and 15 times and then driving off and leaving her to die. As he drove off the murderer stabbed and sliced himself several times with the knife. The murderer then drove to another home and drove into the house in an apparent home invasion. The homeowner (or is it partial homeowner after a car drives into your living room?) confronted the intruder and a fight broke out. Ultimately, the homeowner drew his handgun and opened fire, striking the intruder / murderer multiple times in the chest, fatally wounding him. The woman was was taken to University Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. No charges will be filed against the homeowner.