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Store employee engages armed robber, gunfight breaks out - robber killed (Wisconsin)


FOX POINT, WISCONSIN - Just days after Sheriff David Clarke won his primary against a Bloomberg backed anti-gun candidate, his advice "calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option", one Milwaukee County store is glad they heeded his advice. 

Thursday (August 14th) was a typical day at Innovative Optique, a high end eyewear company, until 22-year-old Johsua Drake entered the store brandishing a handgun. Drake, who already had a 2010 criminal conviction for armed robbery was not their to pay for glasses.

At some point during the robbery, a store employee drew his gun and a gun battle erupted inside the store

According to employees of nearby businesses there were two quick sets of gunshots, then another and then a series of six to eight more shots a moment later

When police arrived, Drake was dead. The store owner, the employees, and the customers were unharmed.

The police investigation was on hold for almost six hours as police waited for a search warrant in order to enter the premises and begin.

The store has been targeted by robbers several times before including a robbery last September when a man entered the store, tried on a $2,100 pair of Cartier sunglasses, posed for a selfie and then took off on foot. They were also robbed in 2009 by a man with a handgun. In that instance the store owner put the man in a headlock and punched the robber in the face before the man fled.