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'Sons of Guns' production suspended due to child molestation accusations against star

It looks like Discovery Channel is hedging its bets when it comes to the accusations against the star of Suns of Guns, Will Hayden. As we reported last week, a scorned ex-girlfriend accused Hayden of child molestation against the couple's daughter.

According to Glen Flemming via The Gunners Vault, Discovery Channel has put the show on "indefinite suspension" while the accusations and charges against Hayden worth through the legal system.

For a quick refresher, Hayden was arrested the accusations by his ex-girlfriend. The couple's daughter, who had been living with Hayden and his new wife, was briefly interviewed by Childrens Protective Services before being released back into the care, and home, of Will and his wife.

As we said before, based on CPS's reaction, we can only imagine the accusations are completely unfounded. 

While Discovery Channel's reaction is to be expected, it's still disappointing to see that a mere accusation can disrupt a family, a business, a person's life so thoroughly.