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Celebrities and Guns - Guardians of the Galaxy star bought Anna Faris a gun for home defense


We're always hearing Hollywood celebrities talk about gun control so it's almost startling to hear the clearly pro-gun Chris Pratt talking about them in this month's issue of Esquire magazine.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star talks about his thirty or forty gun collection (the magazine article says arsenal so you already know their point of view on the issue). Pratt recently bought a gun for his wife, Anna Faris, for home defense. He said if any came into their home while he was away he wanted her to be capable of "blowing their fucking brains out."

A celebrity talking about using guns for home defense? There's something you don't see every day.

According to the interviewer, Pratt believes in firearm regulation, background checks, and preventing guns from falling into the hands of the mentally ill. How much of that is his belief and how much is Hollywood speak in order to appease the powerful anti-gun forces is a matter of speculation. 

Talking about hunting, Pratt said that sometimes a kill makes him feel "fucking psychotic. Sometimes you’re like a Norse Viking, you’re a berserker. I’ll take the blood, rub my hands in it, put it on my face." Not your typical celebrity fare.

Here's what the interviewer had to say,

He explains population control and hunting licenses and tags and the virtues of eating what you kill. It all makes sense, but it also feels kind of like when Dexter explains that he’s a good serial killer because his victims are rapists and murderers. Really, this guy just likes to kill shit.

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The interview is in this month's issue of Esquire, available at newsstands now.