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Why is this even news? Don't bring guns through airport security

Apparently some people still don't get that you aren't allowed to bring guns through airport security. It's become so common at Charlotte Douglas Airport that TSA officials put out a release reminding people that bringing a gun through airport security, no matter the reason, will get you prosecuted and it could take a bite out of your bank account

"Up to $11,000 per incident. As a matter of fact in Asheville earlier this year we had an individual who was fined $7,500 for trying to bring a firearm through the checkpoint," said Kevin Frederick, TSA Security Director.

The stupidity seems to be getting worse. Frederick sais there were 17 firearms seized in 2012. Last year, there were 27. This year? In August? We're already at 28 and counting.

According to Charlotte Lieutenant David Moorefield, 
Some have asked about possessing a carry concealed weapon permit that is not an excuse for bringing a weapon to a checkpoint - still face those criminal charges, civil penalties and loss of weapon