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Carjacker targets 66-year-old woman, gun-wielding neighbor targets carjacker (Arizona)


PHOENIX, ARIZONA - A carjacker targeted a 66-year-old woman but quickly found himself the target of some armed neighbors.

It started around 3:30 Friday afternoon when the woman pulled into her driveway in her SUV. As she opened the door the suspect made a simple request to use the woman's phone. Her response? "I don't know you".

The suspect then grabbed the woman and pulled her from the car, throwing her to the ground.

A 63-year-old neighbor had seen the suspect approaching the woman and went across the street to see if something was wrong. She opened the passenger door just as the carjacker sat down and began backing out of the driveway, knocking her to the ground and causing a head injury.

The neighbor's husband saw his wife fall from the car and began shooting at the carjacker with a gun he had retrieved from the house. 

The vehicle escaped the scene but police received a call a short while later that the now-stolen vehicle was in a single vehicle collision. Upon arrival they discovered the suspect suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to the hospital but later died from his wounds.

According to Sergeant Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department:

The husband fired several rounds and the individual was struck by those bullets.He drove to the area of 24th Street and Thomas where there was a collision. He went off the roadway and on the northeast corner. He went off the road into a wall and into a tree.

Belen Gonzalez, who lives next door to the woman who was carjacked said:

I believe it's a person who passed through the neighborhood and saw that my neighbor is older and took advantage of that