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Woman uses gun with laser sight to shoot burglar attacking husband (California)

EUREKA, CALIFORNIA - Around 6 o'clock yesterday morning (August 18th) a homeowner was getting ready for work when he noticed a truck parked several feet off the curb in front of his home. When the homeowner went to see what was going on he saw one man in the truck and one man standing outside the truck.

The homeowner asked what the men were doing and, according to Detective Ron Haphram, "the people in the truck were being less than cooperative".

According to the Times Standard,

The resident then tried to take a picture of the truck's license plate, but one of the suspects stepped in front of him to block the view. Harpham said the resident was attacked with a flail-like weapon when he then tried to call 911.

A fight started, with the resident using a flashlight as a weapon to defend himself. The suspect in the truck allegedly drove the truck forward toward the two fighting men as a possible attempt to intimidate the resident, according to Harpham.

Hearing the fight, the resident's wife came out of the home with a handgun with an attached laser sight and fired a warning shot in an attempt to scare the suspects off. When the fight continued and the truck continued to move forward, Harpham said the wife fired one shot at the suspect fighting her husband. Harpham said the resident told investigators that he had heard the suspect run toward the truck yelling, "She shot me in the leg."

The two suspects drove off eastbound on Highland Avenue in the truck. The male resident was injured, but did not require medical attention, according to Harpham.

We've researched and reported thousands of defensive gun uses and it still shocks me to see gun owners who will sense something is off yet leave their gun inside the home. It's a very good thing that this homeowner's wife was there to save him.