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Thieves leave when confronted by neighbor's gun; Return moments later, gunfight erupts (Michigan)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - A homeowner spotted two guys "up to no good" near his neighbor's Chevrolet Venture. The homeowner grabbed a gun and went to scare the men off.

It worked... sort of. The men fled to their black Dodge Charger and took off, firing shots as they drove off.

While waiting for police to arrive the thugs came back for more. They exchanged gunfire with the man. Neither the thugs nor the homeowner was wounded, however a relative of the homeowner was struck in the arm while inside the house.

Neighbor Marvin Jones said,
Just heard like eight or nine shots or something. I didn't get up because I don't like to be near the windows or anything like that, because you don't know where the bullets are going."

The woman whose van was targeted, Ella Wilks, told reporters,
Well he is always watching out because, before, people have broken into his house, so he always be watching out