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Criminals keep trying, jewelers keeps shooting back (California)


WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA - Two masked robbers entered a jewelry store. Obviously, they don't watch the news or they'd have picked another target.

Criminals just don't understand. Over two years ago, when Easy Bake was just two weeks old and more of an inside joke than a real website, we "covered" (I use that term very loosely)  this story about a jewelry store owner opening fire and sending criminals running.

Video of that July 2012 robbery can be seen here:

<iframe src='' width='640' height='360' scrolling='no' style='border:none;'></iframe><br/><a href="">Watch more news videos</a> | <a href="">Latest from the US</a>

Thursday afternoon, a new set of criminals decided to press their luck. According to the Orange County Register:

Two men wearing ski-type masks and hooded sweatshirts entered the store, used a hammer to break glass on a display case and began removing merchandise, Westminster police Officer Rachel Archambault said. One witness reported that one of the men may have been armed with a gun, she added.

A store employee pulled out a weapon and fired two shots at the robbers, Collins said.

The robbers fled the store, possibly with some merchandise, but police don’t know whether either was struck by the gunfire.

It wasn’t immediately clear if any customers were in the store when the robbery occurred.

Police believe the robbers fled in a white van found crashed just a short distance from the mall.