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Meet Hunter Nubbs 'the no hands shooter' & his Instructor Zero impression

Your excuses for not training hard have met their match - his name is Hunter - known to his friends as Nubbs. Why Nubbs? Because Hunter has no hands

With this video - complete with a tribute to Instructor Zero no less - Hunter showed everyone just what he is capable of:

Before everyone has a canniption fit about the eye pro, Hunter already said it was a mistake. You won't see him without eye protection at the range again.

I've been through a lot of training classes and I've seen a lot of people who couldn't handle transitions and mag changes that well - and they had two hands. Here's a little more footage of hunter doing his thing:

Other than being a Tennessee fan, Hunter seems like a great kid. He's overcome a serious challenge to keep doing what he loves - shooting and training. Next time you come up with an excuse of why you can't do a training class, think of Hunter. 
That should help get you going.

Take a moment and give his Facebook page a like. It's brand new, but over the next few days and weeks you'll see video and articles from Hunter about guns, shooting, and training from a totally different point of view.


That is one absolutely gorgeous... rifle. 

Here is the link to go and Like his Facebook Page