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Store owner points .380 at armed robbers head, robber flees (Washington)

BREMERTON, WASHINGTON - It was a normal Wednesday night at Rob's Quick Stop Grocery when an armed robber entered the store and pointed his gun at the woman behind the counter.

He must have missed the barrage of signs showing support for local law enforcement and the NRA when he was drawing his gun and walking past other customers. 

The woman behind the counter said "oh no" and dropped to the floor yelling for her husband Jim, the store owner. Jim told reporters that criminals have changed,

"It used to be they would simply take your money, and now they’ll take your money and kill you"

Hearing his wife in distress, Jim drew his .380 handgun and took aim at the would be robber's head. The robber saw the gun and immediately ran from the store without any loot.

“I didn’t get up in the morning to take somebody’s life,” said Fee. “I’m glad I didn’t have to but it came that close.”

Nearby resident Thomas Ness told Q13 Fox he is glad Jim was armed,

"He was able to avert a tragedy,” said Ness. “Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t have a gun?"