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Gamestop robber has AR-15, concealed carrier has a handgun (Georgia)


MACON, GEORGIA - Tim Jackson just wanted a six dollar Star Wars video game for his son. That's the only reason he went to Gamestop.

What happened next was straight out of the movies.

A man was standing at the counter

A man , now identified as Javon Britton, walked into the store carrying a large black bag. Jackson was waiting to check out when he heard "Get on the ground or I'm going to start shooting"

Another customer, Willie Densley, said Britton had pulled an AR-15 style rifle from the bag and ordered "everyone in the store to get down on the floor, and to put our cell phones, all money and wallets out on the floor"

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Tim got on the ground and lay face down as the couple took his wallet, containing forty dollars, and robbed the store. He said Britton was "as cool as a cucumber" as he went from person to person - making Jackson wonder if Britton had done this before.

Tim told reporter that all he could think of were his wife and kids at home, saying his life flashed before his eyes.

Several years ago, when his wife was pregnant, Tim bought a gun to protect his family. He's now had his concealed carry permit for over six years.

As the armed couple fled, Tim sais he only had one thought going through his head,

"I don't want him to do this to anyone else."

Tim followed Britton out of the store and hurried to his own car, where his gun was kept. Armed, he scanned for Britton. The two met eyes for a moment and Tim says he saw the criminal reach for his gun.

Jackson opened fire taking out the rear window of the green BMW, causing Britton to jump an embankment and crash in front of an Ashley Furniture store. That's where deputies found him moments later. 

Tim told local media, "I'm down on my luck lately, but you don't see me out robbing anyone."

A female accomplice, MaryAnn Dave was injured in the crash.

Britton has been charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon, and parole violations. Davis is charged with armed robbery. Both were denied bail at their arraignment.