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'When I saw the gun I felt like I was going to die.I had to pull my trigger' (Texas)

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HOUSTON, TEXAS - An armed store clerk thwarted and robbery and sent the assailant to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Kiran Giri, locally known as Alex, has worked at the Almeda Discount Food Store for 14 years. Over that span, the criminal activity has become much more violent he said,

That increased violence is why Alex took the training and received his concealed carry permit a year and a half ago. Since he received the permit, he has carried to work every day.

His concerns became reality Monday when an armed man entered the store,
"As soon as he walked in, he just pointed the gun at my face (and said), 'Give me the money, give me the money, give me the money,like you're watching a movie."

Without hesitating, Alex drew his handgun from the holster and fired a single shot - striking the man in the neck. the wounded man collapsed at the front of the store and Alex called 911.

The wounded man was rushed to Ben Taub hospital in serious condition. Another man was waiting in an older model Lincoln Towncar but fled when the shot was fired.