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This isn't Jack in the Box: Dairy Queen employee shoots, kills armed robber (New Mexico)

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - An armed robber was shot and killed by an armed Dairy Queen employee. Maybe he thought it was Jack in the Box?

While Jack in the Box famously disarmed it's customers and employees back in May, Dairy Queen has no such stupid policy.

Around 6p.m. yesterday a man approached the walk up window of the Dairy Queen. He pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. The cashier handed the robbery money before ducking behind the counter. That's when the robber got greedy and demanded more money.

Another employee, who told police he was "in fear for his own life" pulled his gun and opened fire. A neighbor told police he heard three quick shots, a pause, and then two more shots.

The robber never got off a shot and was struck at least once. He was transported to the University of New Mexico hospital where he died.

And for anyone wondering how the gun ban is going at Jack in the Box? They've been targeted repeatedly following the ban.