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THATS JUST CRAZY: TTAG promotes 'Camera With a Trigger' for School Shootings

Let's file this under "ways to get your security staff killed". 

The Truth About Guns ran an article titled "There’s More to School Safety Than Active Shooter Training" over the weekend. In the article, a repost from another site, the author promotes the Guardian G8 Pro V2 as "a cost-effective tool that can enable school emergency response teams to delay an attack and defend students if necessary, while documenting the event and communicating with law enforcement, with just one device".

One problem - it's a dumbass idea. After all the corporate doublespeak, the G8 Pro V2 is a camera / strobe light / pepper spray device that looks like a gun. 

The article recommends equipping school security staff with something that looks like a gun but offers no effective response to an armed attacker. At least it will provide great video of just how ineffective the device is.

For a site purporting to show the truth about guns to promote a tool that is, at best, ineffective against firearms as a form of active shooter defense is irresponsible to say the least.

Here's the company's own promo video. How would you feel with this being the weapon of choice against an active shooter in your child's school?