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Kidnappers With Bats Target a Woman with a Gun; Abandon Plans & Flee (Ohio)

For Dinah Burns, it was just another trip to walk the family dog. For two men, it was the moment they planned on abducting a woman. Neither would be right.

As Dinah was walking her dog Monday night the two men stepped out from a nearby copse, one carrying a baseball bat. The man with the bat said 'you're coming with us'. 

Dinah told 10TV how she reacted:

"I said, 'Well, what do you want?,' and as I was saying that I reached in to my pocket and slipped my gun out, slipped the safety off as I pulled it out. As I was doing that the other gentleman came toward me and raised the baseball bat.  And, I pointed the gun at them and said, 'I have this and I'm not afraid to use it.'

When Dinah posted about the experience on her Facebook page she was inundated with comments from couch commandos second guessing her actions.

"Most of the males' opinion was, 'Why didn't you shoot them?"

Dinah said she's just "thankful that it turned out the way it did, and hope it doesn't happen again, but I will be prepared."