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Woman Wakes to Stranger Inside Closet, Holds him at Gunpoint with .45 (Nebraska)

OMAHA, NEBRASKA - Barb Haley and her dog Dozer were home alone when both were startled from sleep around 3a.m. and immediately knew something was wrong.

Barb grabbed her .45 caliber handgun and took Dozer went to see what woke them up. Dozer was sniffing as they walked along so Barb was on alert. That's when she noticed the garage door was open and drawers were open in the kitchen.

As she and Dozer were about to give up the hunt, they heard a crash from the office. What they found was 24-year-old Jody Kudlacz in the closet. Barb said,

"There, in my closet there were two hands coming out of the closet and he said, ‘Please don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me. I just am thirsty. I just wanted something to drink. At that point I thought 'hmm, he doesn't even know I have a gun', I go ahead and cock my gun just so that he knew I really had a gun."

And real it was, she had a loaded 45 in her hand pointed straight at Kudlacz. 

He began to rationalize what he was doing there but Barb simply told him to shut up as she called 911 and waited for police to arrive.

Barb's daughters, Marge and Beth moved out just last month and were quickly on their when they found out what happened. They told reporters,

"It's almost probably better that we weren't here, we say that, I say that all the time, I mean she is a mother and she's always been there, she's a momma bear, to protect us"

Once police arrived and took Judlacz away the sisters realized he had rummaged through their rooms and made a pile of clothes, electronics, and gift cards he would have stolen had Barb and Dozer not stopped him.