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RADAR!: Ottumwa Homeowner Hold Half Naked Man at Gunpoint (Iowa)

OTTUMWA, IOWA - A man searching a basement for cat found a naked man instead. I shit you not. Honestly, this is the type of DGU that would have just gone into the report if it wasn't from Ottumwa, Iowa.

According to Police Chief Walter "Radar" O'Reilly Tom McAndrew,

The homeowner went down into his basement, looking for a cat. When he got down there, he saw a partially disrobed man in his basement. The homeowner then called police, obtained a handgun and allowed the suspect to get dressed. Then the police arrived

According to police the two men don't know each other and one would imagine the homeowner has no interest in knowing the intruder at this point.

Asked if the situation could have gotten worse had she not responded to the call so quickly, Police Sergeant Rachel Thompson said,

Given the circumstances that something bad could always happen when somebody goes into someone else’s house, without permission, so police involvement is necessary to protect those who are in their home